Why You Shouldn’t Compare Someone Elses Grief Journey To Your Own

Grief Journey

The grief that touches our souls have their own voice and should not be compromised by a need for comparison, judgment, or even complete understanding. – Alan D. Wolfelt

When you’re navigating the waters of grief, there is no map to tell you how to rebuild your life. How to recover from being shoved headfirst into a reality of one, instead of two. There is only the compass of your intuition, leading you blindly toward the shore.

In order to understand, you look toward other’s grief journeys as a way to make sense of what is unknowable. You scroll mindlessly through IG, comparing and taking notes about what stage you should be in, about how to present yourself to the outside world, all while silently falling apart.

Well-meaning strangers pass along comments about how so and so went through a divorce and now they’re married to a multi-millionaire and living in the Bahamas!

Or how everything happens for a reason.  

You wonder why you aren’t sad enough or why you can get off the couch. It has been x amount of days. Enough is enough.  

Surrender. And move through your grief with courage, and trust in oneself. Do not try to control your grief by denying or inhabiting the emotions that pass through you.

As unique as your fingerprints are, so is your grief journey.






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