Three Ways to Hygge Your Home


Hygge is a Danish and Norweigan word for a mood of coziness with feelings of wellness and contentment. It can be applied to all areas of your life from the food you eat to your home. 

When you’re grieving, sprucing up your space so it feels like a calm and safe retreat from the outside world is essential in the healing process. That’s why I love hygge, because while it can be an abstract concept, it has a sound, a taste, a smell and a texture. 

Think of a memory that evokes feelings of comfort and security. Maybe you’re in your mom’s kitchen. The smell of banana bread is wafting in the air and you’re sitting at the dining room table with a cup of hot tea. That’s hygge. 

In order to replicate that sense of well being in your own home, there are three things you can add to make your space more hygellig. 

  1. A Hyggekrog 

Roughly translating to a nook or a corner of a room where you can snuggle up with a blanket, a cup of tea and an engrossing novel. Ideally, situated by a window, a hyggekrog provides a cozy place to sit down and relax after a long day. 

If you rewind the clock back to the caveman days, you’ll notice that we have an affinity toward small spaces. Overlooking another room or the street gives us the advantage of spotting any potential threat and allows us to feel in control of our situation. 

To make your own nook, you need a comfy chair or floor pillows, a blanket and soft lightening.

2. Candles

No candles. No hygge. Yes, the citizens of Denmark are that passionate about candles or as they are called in danish, levende lys (living lights). Since they prefer natural and organic products, scented candles are not very popular. If you’re worried about having a bunch of lit candles around your home, then consider buying flameless candles.

3. Books

Every home needs an overflowing bookcase filled with cookbooks, romance novels or anything that peaks your imagination and creativity. Curl up in the hyggekrog and escape the world for a bit. 






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