8 week 1:1 COaching

Mindful Balance

When you're in the midst of grief, it can feel like you're trying to swim against the current instead of with it. Everything just seems harder, including feeding yourself so you gravitate toward microwavable meals and too many containers of Chinese takeout.

More often than not though, these foods, while providing momentary ease and comfort, are not the most nourishing. And after a while, do more harm than good, creating a domino effect.

Unresolved grief is the sludge on the wheels, making it harder for your body to switch from sympathetic mode (AKA fight, flight, or freeze) to parasympathetic mode (AKA rest and digest).

Living in a sustain sympathetic state creates inflammation in the body and can lead to long term mental and health issues like depression and IBS.

Time  for  Soulful Clarity

1:1 coaching for women coping with grief after loss 

You’re ready to stop running away from, suppressing, or ignoring your grief.

 But you know you need a supportive system to help you move through it.

You’ve heard a thing or two about meditation and are interested in exploring it as a means to bring balance back to your body.

But you also want someone who can show you how to nutritionally support yourself in the midst of the grieving process. 

Battle worn and exhausted, you're still in the throes of your grief journey, but you can see the light up ahead and need some guidance to break through the clearing. 

But you aren’t quite sure how to tackle the last thicket of thorns. 

So what are you to do?

If this sounds like you, then be rest assured you're in the right place.

As a Grief Coach and Nutritional Therapist, I believe in showing women how to reset their nervous system through the food in the aftermath of loss. 

Mindful Balance, my 8-week 1:1 Coaching Program, will walk you through step by step on how to get your body out of panic mode and back into a calm and relaxed state so you can begin to rebuild your life with soulful clarity. 

I'm ready 

Here's What's Included

1x week Zoom meetings (8 total) 

2x week Voxer support 

Detailed follow-up notes after each call with clear to-do's per week

Access to your own private Asana board 

Customized journal prompts 

In-depth nutritional education tailored to the grieving process 

Grief Resource Library 

I want that!

Turn your kitchen into a safe haven

Get Rid of Emotional Overwhelm with Batch Cooking

Sample Batch Cooking Plan


Week 1

Want a sneak peek inside the program? Take a glance at these modules!

The Importance of Hydration in Times of Grief

Electrolytes And Crying: Salt Isn't Just for Your Food

Top Hydrating Foods to Add to Your Shopping List

Why Fat Plays an Important Role in Cellular Hydration  

Week 2

The 3 Most Important Types of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

 Emotional Stress and Inflammation in the Body 

Omega 3 Rich Foods You Should be Eating Everyday

Week 3

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Omega 3's VS. Emotional Stress

Get out of panic mode and back into a calm and Safe state

You deserve to 

This is for you if...

Let me tell you about the women I coach 

You're currently 3 - 6 months post loss and are looking for guidance as you navigate the grief journey. 

You're seeking someone who is willing to meet you where you're at and soulfully support you, mind and body. 

You're wired but tired and feel as if you can run a marathon and take a nap at the same time. 

You're caught in an emotional eating cycle and seek true food freedom.
You're ready to stop living in attack-by-tiger mode and treating the world as one big panic button. 

That's Me

Let's dive in.

Does this program only touch upon nutrition? 

While our eight weeks together are primarily focused on getting your body back into balance through nutrition, you’ll also be learning about meditation, journaling and how to release your emotions in a healthy and grounded way. 

If I’m only 2 weeks post loss, is this coaching program still for me? 

Absolutely! With that said, this coaching program should not be construed as therapy, and if I feel this program will not be beneficial for where you are in the grief journey, I’ll kindly suggest other alternatives. 

Is there a payment plan available? 

There is! You can pay once per month or once every two weeks, depending on your preference. I also offer a sliding scale, depending on your financial situation. 

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

Jazz Hands

"She really takes the time to listen to her clients and offers them genuine support."

Nicole is a wonderful coach and offered me heartfelt advice and comfort right after my breakup. She really takes the time to listen to her clients and offers them genuine support. I highly recommend her if you are going through a breakup or are just interested in learning how to live a more holistic life that honors who you are and the journey you are on right now. 

Charlotte P.

"She was so thoughtful and supportive, and shared some great insights and tools for moving forward."

I had the opportunity to talk with Nicole after the brutal end of a promising but whirlwind romance. Not only was I feeling truly heartbroken, but I also felt ashamed that I could be so broken up about such a brief relationship. Right away, she offered validation that heartbreak can be Earth-shattering even if the relationship was short-lived. She was so thoughtful and supportive, and shared some great insights and tools for moving forward. I really valued my session with Nicole, and would highly recommend working with her to anyone who needs a mix of support, healing, and rebuilding after a breakup!

Emilia A.

I'm ready

It's time to stop living in panic mode

If you’re currently navigating the grief journey, battle worn and exhausted, wishing you had a time machine to turn back the clock to when things were simpler and a whole lot less painful, you’re not alone. 

Grief is messy with no roadmap to help guide you out of the thicket of thorns except for your own sheer willpower and a bucket load of strength. And by landing on this page, I can tell you posses all of those attributes and more. 

Now let me ask you a question, are you ready to find balance again, mind and body so you can begin to rebuild your life with soulful intention? 

*Cue deep breath* 

If your heart feels called to take action, then I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Think of me not only as your coach but your friend, showing you how to rebalance your nervous system through the power of mindful nutrition. 

a grief coach and certified nutritional therapist

I'm Nicole.