8 week 1:1 COaching

Mindful Balance

Does this sound familiar? Ducking into bathroom stalls when you feel tears threatening to fall, and or perhaps biting your bottom lip so you don’t scream at your partner? 

Suppressing our emotions are normal when we’ve grown up in a society that never taught us how to FEEL, and it has caused a great disconnect from our bodies, and our wombspace, dampening our femininity. 

If there was ever a time to hear the call back to our divine selves, it’s now. The world needs us, women, to be in touch with the great wisdom of our emotions so we can start stepping into our unique power, instead of numbing it through mediocre sex, pints of ice cream and or serial relationships.

Listen to your emotions

1:1 coaching for women  looking for wisdom outside themselves

I hear the call

The Emotional Freedom Journey

I'm ready 

The emotional freedom journey is a beautiful orchestra of pain, joy, ugliness and beauty. There are highs and the lowest of lows, but throughout it all, there is a sense of great knowing. 

Of coming back to your truest and highest self unadorned by the expectations of others. 

Of shedding your old skin, and presenting your naked body to the world, and saying, “This is me. Take it or leave it.” 

This is for you if...

You feel disconnected from your true and holy self. 

You want to learn how to feel your pain and anger in a way that is safe and supportive. 

You are living in the past instead of living in the now.

You want to cultivate a sense of self-compassion and love for the women you were and the women you are now. 
You want to live a life aligned with your deepest goals, dreams and desires. 

That's Me

Let's dive in.

What is Mindful Balance?

• High level support in a 1:1 setting 

• Weekly calls with personal access to me through Voxer, a messaging app that will allow you to ask questions or receive additional support outside the confines of our calls. 

• Any resources I feel will benefit your emotional freedom journey. Struggling to feel safe in your body? I’ll upload embodiment exercises and journaling prompts. Can’t seem to let go of your past relationship? I’ll guide you through a fire ritual to cleanse and make way for the new.   

• You’ll learn how to tune out your inner voice of criticism and people pleasing and starting honoring your own desires and wants. 

• After our time together is done, you’ll have a toolbox at your disposal to pick and choose from so that you can continue listening to your emotions with self-compassion and love. 

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Jazz Hands

"She really takes the time to listen to her clients and offers them genuine support."

Nicole is a wonderful coach and offered me heartfelt advice and comfort right after my breakup. She really takes the time to listen to her clients and offers them genuine support. I highly recommend her if you are going through a breakup or are just interested in learning how to live a more holistic life that honors who you are and the journey you are on right now. 

Charlotte P.

"She was so thoughtful and supportive, and shared some great insights and tools for moving forward."

I had the opportunity to talk with Nicole after the brutal end of a promising but whirlwind romance. Not only was I feeling truly heartbroken, but I also felt ashamed that I could be so broken up about such a brief relationship. Right away, she offered validation that heartbreak can be Earth-shattering even if the relationship was short-lived. She was so thoughtful and supportive, and shared some great insights and tools for moving forward. I really valued my session with Nicole, and would highly recommend working with her to anyone who needs a mix of support, healing, and rebuilding after a breakup!

Emilia A.

I'm ready

I see your exhaustion, and your wide open heart, putting your needs on the back burner. Giving until there’s nothing left but the dust of old promises. 

Of forgotten Paris trips. 
Of harried mornings of burnt toast and overcooked eggs  
Of creative dreams drowned in a pot of crusted over paint  

What if I told you your love was not a transaction to be doled out like pennies? And instead should be treated like spun gold. 

What if I told you your worth was not dependent on others but lay within yourself? 

Would you shiver in fear? 

And ask yourself, “But who I am if I am not needed?” 

Beautiful one. 

You’re the ink unfurling from a pen on an unmarked page.  

You’re whoever you want to be. 

A Writer & Space Holder

I'm Nicole.


How is this coaching program different than therapy?

I primarily help you explore your past as a means of understanding your current life experience and belief systems so you can build a life aligned with your highest desires. With that said, this coaching program should not be construed as therapy, and if I feel this program will not be beneficial for where you are in the emotional freedom journey, I’ll kindly suggest other alternatives. 

Is there a payment plan available? 

There is! You can pay once per month or once every two weeks, depending on your preference. I also offer a sliding scale, depending on your financial situation. 

Common Qs 

hey girl, i have a question...

Of course! I would be more than happy to continue offering you support and guidance if we both feel as if it's needed.

Is there an option to extend once our eight weeks are over?