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HIgh Vibrations Book Club


Is the High Vibration Book Club RIght for you?

What is the High Vibrations Book CLub?

The High Vibrations Book Club is a new digital community where book lovers and self-guided gurus come together to nerd out about spirituality, health, and wellness. This book club will not only provide you with a sense of community but help you along in your healing journey and create a higher sense of self.

Everything you need to know

You LOVE nerding out about spirituality, health and wellness.

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You want to heal not just your body but your mind, body AND soul.

In your group of friends you're known as the book worm. 

- On the first Monday of every month I’ll hold a poll to figure out which book we should dive into and explore together. ⁠

- You have until the 30th to finish the book - ample time to process the material and come ready to discuss. ⁠

- I’ll hold a Facebook Live on my Facebook page, Mindfully You, so you can chime in with your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. ⁠

You want to manifest a higher sense of self.