How to Find True Food Freedom: Remove the Guilt

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The Same Old Story

I remember sitting in my living room one night, watching T.V. It was around 9pm and I just had dinner about an hour and half ago. I wasnt hungry per say but there was a piece of leftover chocolate cake taunting me from the kitchen. Every few seconds my eyes would flitter from the screen to the fridge and back then. I could practically taste the rich dark cocoa, melting on my tongue. The smell of coffee, sugar and butter all lingering together in a trifecta of goodness.

The drama unfolding on the screen no longer held my attention. I needed that slice of cake,
even though I already had a sandwich and met my carb quota for the day. Ill just have one bite,I told myself and that its. No more no less. I kept staring at the fridge as if it it would explode. My thoughts continued into a downward spiral of self-loathing and hate with a dash of bargaining mixed in.

I had a really hard day today, I totally deserve it. What are you talking about? You didn’t do jack shit today besides sit on your ass. Do you really want jelly rolls and jiggly thighs? I’ll go for a really long run tomorrow to make up for the calories. Then eat clean for the rest of the week. I mean this could be my only chance – what if my roommate gets to the cake before I do? Then it will be gone!

The Hate and Shame Cycle

The devil sitting on my shoulder was the equivalent to an an abusive drug dealer tanging a dime bag of crack in front of my face. Then telling me, I couldn’t have it because I wasnt skinny or pretty enough to deserve the high. Im guessing you can already predict the ending to this story. I marched into the kitchen, yanked open the fridge and consumed the chocolate cake in three seconds flat without even tasting it or enjoying it. Sound familiar?

As a society who celebrates around a buffet of sweets galore, it can be hard to turn of the
award mechanism in your brain. You think you deserve this or that because you got a job
promotion, a raise or finished your term paper. On one hand hell yea you deserve that cookie! On the other hand, this pre-conditions us to think that we only deserve to treat ourselves when we have earned it. What kind of malarkey is that?

How Intuitive Eating can Re-Wire Your Brain

When I introduce my clients to intuitive eating, I tell them to give into their food cravings for one week. They usually look at me like Im freaking nuts. After I convince them to trust me,their food journals resemble a teenage boys eating habits – a whole heck of a lot of junk food and candy mixed in with the casual vegetable.

Slowly, the high begins to wan. They feel like crap, they’re bloated, achy and would kill for a green juice. When before ordering salad felt like a chore now seems like a luxury.

Once we remove the guilt surrounding our food choices, you will be amazed how loud and clear you can hear what your body truly needs. Its yelling at us to listen but we dutifully ignore it and instead eat those carrot sticks with distain.

The Challenge

So this my challenge to you – for three days eat how you would on vacation aka whatever the
hell your heart desires. Then once those three days are up, take note how you feel – are you
bloated, tired, gassy? All of the above?

Then in the days following the challenge, whenever you want to eat that bowl of candy sitting on your boss’s desk, ask yourself – is the candy going to be there tomorrow? If so, what is driving my need right now? Its important to put an emotion behind our food choices, instead of burying them like we normally do.

QUESTION: Now tell what is your guilty food of choice? For me its chocolate chip cookies. Comment below with your answer!






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