Two years ago, I ended an eight year relationship and embarked on my own for the first time. When we met, I was only eighteen years old, fresh out of high school and about to start college. Little did I know at the time that I would end up dropping out in order to play house with the man I believed would be my husband. 

To no fault of my ex, I operated under the assumption that in order to stay together, I needed to mold myself into the perfect girlfriend. I took on his hobbies of my own, and stuck by him throughout even the worst of betrayals. Day by day, year after year, I lost the fundamental pieces of who I was until I became a cardboard cutout version of myself. 

The number one thing I wish somebody told me when I laid awake at night afraid to leave was that I wasn’t alone. That there were other women out there in the same boat as I was. That I would come to love yourself again. 

In the early days of my breakup, I didn’t sob into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream or text my ex after too many bottles of red wine. I shut down and moved on with my life.

Got immersed in a new job, eventually a new relationship and moved from the city that my ex and I once shared. It took me 9 months before my mind and body were like uhhh no. I became depressed, lethargic and angry. Angry at myself for staying as long as I did, at my ex for not becoming the man I wanted him to be and feeling downright stupid for what felt like a waste of eight years. 

To help me work through these emotions, I sought out a therapist, and began the journey back to myself, which brings me today, stronger and more confident in my truth than ever before. 

Hey There! My name is Nicole Simone. I’m a certified Nutritional Therapist on a mission to help women cope with heartbreak and find their way back to their authentic selves.  

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