YOu don't need to live in panic mode

let me tell ya how i did it.

IT'S TIME TO feel safe again

When I was eighteen years old, I fell into a relationship for eight years with a man that become my entire world. 

His hobbies became my hobbies. What he wanted. I wanted. His friends became my friends. 

My identity broke into tiny silver fragments that got swept under the rug, where they collected dust and were forgotten about. 

And yet, I walked around feeling as if something vital was missing. Unsure of what it was or how to get it back, the blinding love I once felt turned into resentment and then slid into depressive resolution.

Endless dinners were cooked. Jobs were acquired. Promotions were had. To the outside world, I was living. 

On the onside, I was a shell. 

Until one fateful encounter with a medium cemented what I already knew. There was a deep and expansive pain inside me, and that in order to thrive again, I had to start over. 

It took me six months before I had the courage to leave, and another year before I faced my grief and took charge of my healing by rebalancing my nervous system through mindful nutrition. 

A subject I'm now teaching to my own clients so they can walk into their next chapter with a balanced mind and body. 

Early 2012- Now

My Story

Get  to  Know me...

1. fav tv show:

Gilmore Girls 

2. workout of choice

vinyasa yoga

3. drink order

Earl Grey Latte 

4. can't live without

Dark chocolate

5. travel spot


6. Dogs Vs. Cats 


Get  to  Know me...

6. fav book

food freedoom forever

7. fav scripture

ephesians 3:14-21

8. yoga pose

savasana (duh!)

9. daily breakfast

green smoothie

10. brands i love

lululemon + nike

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