5 Ways to Heal Irritable Bowel Snydrome Naturally

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IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic condition that effects almost 20% of
Americans – that’s more than 200,000 cases reported each year. Yet it’s widely
unspoken about and many people suffer in silence. IBS can be related to a number
of health conditions including ulcerative colitis, crohns disease and leaky gut. A few
of the symptoms are cramping, diarrhea and racing heartbeat. I know this not
because I looked it up online but because I have firsthand experience with IBS and
have been living it with for the past nine years.


From the outside, I was a normal college student who hung with her friends on the
weekends and ate too many bags of ramen to count. Looks can be deceiving though,
because during those four years my body was in a tailspin. I would wake up each
morning sick to my stomach, achy and with a racing heart. As soon as my feet hit the
floor, I would dart to the bathroom. What would follow can only be described as a
bad case of food poisoning mixed with a panic attack. It wasn’t exactly a peaceful
way to start my day, to put it mildly. Although I knew there was something off, it
took me a long time before I began to heal myself.

You see I viewed my illness through a distorted lens. “Since my body rejects
whatever I put in it, I’ll never get fat”… was one of the many damaging thoughts that
spun around in my head. Little did I know that I also wasn’t absorbing proper
nutrients, which were vital to my health and wellbeing. It took me to the point of
adrenal fatigue before I said enough was enough. I shoved my illness out of the
drivers seat and gained control of my life again. It wasn’t an easy path by any means
– there was a whole heck of a lot of trial and error before I figured out what worked
best for me. Cutting out refined sugar, caffeine, dairy and supplementing with
probiotics helped heal my leaky gut and subsequently my IBS.

I’m now almost entirely symptom free. Every once in a while I experience a set back
if I consume one of my trigger foods, but for the most part I consider myself in

My story is proof that’s possible to heal IBS naturally. I’ve outlined 5 ways you can
too below.


Eliminate Allergens

It’s important to figure out which foods are triggering your IBS attacks. In order to
do that you need to first eliminate the six most common allergens, gluten, dairy,
yeast, eggs, soy and nuts from your diet for four weeks. Then slowly add them back
in one at a time and take note of any symptoms. You can do this by keeping a food
journal and recording each meal, including snacks.

Probiotics Are Your Friend
The gut is known as our second brain for a reason. 75% of our immune system
resides there, which means if that our flora is out of whack, we are more prone to
allergies and so forth. Unfortunately stress, chlorinated water and processed foods
can throw off the natural balance in our bodies, enflaming the lining of the gut as a
In order to keep our microbes healthy and thriving, take probiotics at least 50
billion once a day, and eat plenty of fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha.
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water also helps to keep things in

Digestive Enzymes
If you have any kind of bloating, gas or belching after you eat, there is a possibility
you might have low stomach acid. This means that your body is unable to break
down carbs, fat and proteins efficiently, which can lead to leaky gut and therefore
IBS. Digestive enzymes help with this process by breaking down our foods into
nutrients so our body can absorb them.
Take 1 pill  30 minutes before eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Take a Breath
What emotions that are manifested in our brains can trickle down to our guts. Are
you seeing a pattern here? Whenever you’re feeling stressed, upset or plain angry,
shut your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Listen to the sounds around you. Just
be one with the universe for a moment.

Add Turmeric to Your Diet
Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and can reduce abnormal muscle contractions.
Golden milk is a super yummy way to incorporate it into your diet or you can take it
by supplement as well.






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