SHowing Women How to stop numbing their pain and Anger and start tuning into the wisdom of their emotions


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It's time to stop living in panic mode

If you’re currently navigating the grief journey, battle worn and exhausted, wishing you had a time machine to turn back the clock to when things were simpler and a whole lot less painful, you’re not alone. 

Grief is messy with no roadmap to help guide you out of the thicket of thorns except for your own sheer willpower and a bucket load of strength. And by landing on this page, I can tell you posses all of those attributes and more. 

Now let me ask you a question, are you ready to find balance again, mind and body so you can begin to rebuild your life with soulful intention? 

*Cue deep breath* 

If your heart feels called to take action, then I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Think of me not only as your coach but your friend, showing you how to rebalance your nervous system through the power of mindful nutrition. 

a grief coach and certified nutritional therapist

I'm Nicole.


Grief Libary

Explore a library of articles and recipes that will set you onto the path of healing and acceptance as you navigate the grief journey. 

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Eating Your Grief

A self-paced course for women currently dealing with life after loss and need help breaking the emotional eating cycle so they can find true food freedom. 

Coming soon

Grief. It not only impacts you emotionally but also psychically and mentally. Let's work together to get your body back in balance so you can step into the next chapter of your life with soulful clarity.

I'm ready

Ways to Work Together

— Charlotte P.

Nicole is a wonderful coach and offered me heartfelt advice and comfort right after my breakup.

I really valued my session with Nicole, and would highly recommend working with her to anyone who needs a mix of support, healing, and rebuilding after a breakup.

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