the stars

The moon

the rain

the sun

You are...

Transform your pen into a powerful tool of self-exploration

I'm ready

I see your exhaustion, and your wide open heart, putting your needs on the back burner. Giving until there’s nothing left but the dust of old promises. 

Of forgotten Paris trips. 
Of harried mornings of burnt toast and overcooked eggs  
Of creative dreams drowned in a pot of crusted over paint  

What if I told you your love was not a transaction to be doled out like pennies? And instead should be treated like spun gold. 

What if I told you your worth was not dependent on others but lay within yourself? 

Would you shiver in fear? 

And ask yourself, “But who I am if I am not needed?” 

Beautiful one. 

You’re the ink unfurling from a pen on an unmarked page.  

You’re whoever you want to be. 

A Writer & Space Holder

I'm Nicole.



Explore a library of poems and writing prompts to help you crack open your heart and discover the beauty that lives inside.

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Transform your co-dependency into words that empower through a short or long form writing project.

I'm ready


— Charlotte P.

Nicole is a wonderful coach and offered me heartfelt advice and comfort right after my breakup.

I really valued my session with Nicole, and would highly recommend working with her to anyone who needs a mix of support, healing, and rebuilding after a breakup.

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